Monday, 30 March 2015

Just now

Anything better, than tea, flowers and creating?!
Started a linen stitch scarf (the bundle on the left) 
and working on a  granny square bag (bundle on the right) .

 Linen stitch scarf, 480 sts, I think. Never was good at counting;)

 Normally I sort my yarn after colours,
 but my mom and dad gifted me 20 skeins of cottons yarn!
Now I have sorted it after material. Colours colours:)
New yarn calls for a new project!
Found this one via. pinterest, though I am doing it in a thinner yarn, using 2,5 mm hook.
Doing more hexagons to make up for the thinner yarn.
Just hope I can figure out making the bag with more hexagons..
Not quite sure I can actually, but sure will try.

What are you doing?

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  1. You are multi-talented! Your linen stitch scarf looks lovely. I want to make one of these one day.