Thursday, 19 March 2015

Round placemats

I got some yarn for my birthday, one year, that I decided had to be turned into placemats.
So I searched, and ended up with this pattern from garnstudio.
It is knitted using the tecknique, short row.
Which was something I had never tried before, and wanted to give a go.

I made 6, 2 of each colour.
They are 45 sts on 3 mm needles. Turning every 5 sts.
The yarn is, the cotton yarn from "søstrene grene".

I ended up giving them to my parents however, because I realised I probably wouldn't use them.
- Since they had been put in a drawer after finishing, and never taken out.

They get quite a lot of use at my parents house. So that is nice:)


Started my second hetty-cardigan, only using another stitch design. So it is more lacy.
Already unravelled once, and might just decide to do it again when I get to the sleeves.
I have a nasty suspicion I might just have made the edge the wrong stitch so it will be not so pretty.
I could just check it now, before I am done with the body ( ½-way now).
Yes, I should do that.
Better than finding it out later when I have used more time and energy on it.
Here goes.

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  1. These placemats are just beautiful! I can't imagine all the work that went into them. I don't think I'd ever let anyone eat on them!