Monday, 9 March 2015

Yarn purchases

New yarn!
And, yes, it is all blue:)

Bought yarn for a new "Hetty" cardigan - the blue on the left.
Yarn for a "Que Sera" cardigan - the light blue yarn, that I have already started on.
And yarn for a new hat - the  "Ravine" hat .

Also bought a new chest of drawers, and a sofa table.
Though I wont get it for some time, because I had to leave it at my parents, since I couldn't bring it back to my apartment via the train.


Today I shall read some stuff for school, but mostly just chillax with my cat:)
A good day ahead of me.
There will be knitting and lots of tea drinking. 
Possibly some tidying up will be done, but no guaranties;)

Happy Monday to you.

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