Saturday, 4 April 2015

Another just now, with cat pictures

 No finished projects, so instead some cat pictures - with yarn of course.

This little one, can smell soft spots where she can lie down, or something.
Every time I open my yarn drawer, or my yarn boxes, she is there.
Ready to take a nice little nap, in a nice soft place.
Been working on my hexagon tote.

Finished all the whole ones now. Just need to make the half-ones. 5 to be exact.
Then there is the straps and the actually sewing together of hexagons, and maybe a fabric lining.
Anyways, lots to do.


Done all the washing I needed done today. Victory.
Now I only need to conquer the huge amount of dirty dishes in my kitchen...
Think I will make another cup of tea, watch some more tv and find the cat and pet her...
And then, some time later, I will, maybe have a look at my kitchen...

Happy Saturday!


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